The biggest part of my career to-date has been a thrilling opportunity to play a central role in the development of an in-house marketing department from the ground up. From day one, we organized our mission statement, USP and a unified branded message for sales and support. I built us a WordPress-based website with all imagery and copy, then we expanded to include branded sales presentations, as well as training and support material like PDFs, infographics and proposals. After generating interest organically, we branched out to include regular blog articles, copy and imagery creation for paid campaigns including Google AdWords, Linkedin and


These processes all became iterative over time as the company evolved so did our messaging. In ’20-’21, I lead a complete rebrand of the company including a new product name and simplified, direct tone and messaging in a typically complex industry.


For over 10 years, I was the lead designer/developer for the company website, which involved a complete overhaul every 2 years as our product functionality grew and our messaging and audience became clearer. I created these websites using WordPress, wrote the majority of the copy and created all the supporting imagery while collaborating regularly with executives and the product team.


I helped grow the business from a small consulting-style presence, to a major competitor with a seat at the table of enterprise-level solutions. Since my first day, the company size has quadrupled with no signs of slowing down.